Manuel Giuliani

Manuel Giuliani is Professor in Embedded Cognitive AI for Robotics at the University of the West of England and he is Co-Director of the Bristol Robotics Laboratory (BRL). At BRL, he leads the ECHOS group (Embodied Cognition for Human RObot InteractionS). He received a Master of Arts in computational linguistics from Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich, and a Master of Science and a PhD in computer science from Technical University Munich.

Before going to Bristol, Manuel worked at the Technical University Munich, the research transfer institute Fortiss, and the Center for Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Salzburg, where he led the Human-Robot Interaction group.

Manuel's research interests include human-robot interaction, social robotics, robots for nuclear decommissioning, natural language processing, multimodal fusion, multimodal output generation, augmented and virtual reality interfaces, and embedded cognitive robot architectures.

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